Presenting our new member: Farunya


Farunya (bewerkt)

Have you visited ESN’s most fun activity yet? If you have, you know I’m talking about the monthly Pub Quiz. Well, if you’ve had the chance to participate in October’s ‘Most Wanted Pub Quiz’, you might have seen me there, in a black blouse with neon orange letters, making sure you guys had the best night of the week.

Maybe I should tell something about myself, before I start unravelling about all the wonders that ESN brought to my life.

Six years ago, on September 1st and with my head still a bit in the clouds. It was the start of the biggest adventure of my life: the discovery of who I really was and where I came from.

My name is Farunya, and that is where I start being what we might call an oddity, because the name is from Indian origin but I am 100% Dutch… I was born in Amsterdam, some 28 years ago, at the Prinsengracht hospital. When I was almost five, my parents decided to move to Belgium where we stayed for 10 years. We decided then to move back to the Northern part of the Netherlands, somewhere beneath Den Helder, but after only one year the four of us (my parents, my little sister and I) went on yet another adventure and moved to the south of France. Seven years later I was ready to start my own adventure, but instead of moving on to the next country, I went back to the Netherlands, back to my roots, looking for the pieces of my personal puzzle that seemed missing. It took me 5 years, from that day cloudy day in 2008, to find out who I was, what I wanted and what I needed. And today I can tell you, I am one of the happiest people alive, enriched with life experience and surrounded by shiny happy people that make every new day a feast.

What’s all of that got to do with ESN? Well, my activities as a committee member within ESN have brought me some insight as to who I am and what I like to do. It brought me closer to some people that I thought I had lost and it brought me new friendships and loads of fun things to do. Last year I was in three committees (Pub Quiz, PR and Intro semester 2) and I had actually decided during the summer that I didn’t want to do another committee this year. But when I heard that the Pub Quiz committee hadn’t been formed yet, I was more than happy to pick it up. It feels like I never quit that committee. But the hunger for more activities within ESN became bigger and I read somewhere that the Abroad committee was looking for fresh blood. Now, I like to write and share things with loads of people so I didn’t have to think long about it. And here I am! Doing two committees again this year, you’ll probably see me as much as you’ll read me (which will be a lot, I can feel it).

Before I let you get on to the next page, I have to tell you of course about our monthly Pub Quizzes. Have you ever been to one? Well ours is nothing like the ones you have been to. Ours is a lot more fun, a lot more demanding on an intelligence level and we always have something special planned for you guys. What better way to start your week, than participating in a fun and intellectual activity on a Monday evening, with friends and new people to meet? That’s right, there is no better way.

I think I’ll let all of this sink in for now. Maybe someday I’ll tell you about my tattoos, or we’ll meet in person and you’ll have loads of questions for me to answer which I’ll happily do. See you in Hofman Café on each second Monday of the month!





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