Holland’s hidden treasures

You got to love Utrecht. But the Netherlands treasures many beautiful cities. ESN Utrecht organized a lot of city trips but besides that, we want to reveal some undiscovered and unknown spots in three different Dutch cities. Amsterdam I will start with one of my own favorite spots in Amsterdam: the IJhallen. This is the biggest flea market... Continue Reading →


Dutchies on ice

Despite being super Dutch growing up, I never really had a special bond with ice skating. When I was little and it was cold enough we used to go ice skating at the teeny tiny little water next to my house. If that water hadn't frozen over yet, but temperatures were just below zero my... Continue Reading →

Rice and roti, get in my belly!

Suriname and the Netherlands go way back. In the 17th century the Dutch were not too content about what their little country had to offer and decided to follow the example set by the French and the English and to investigate their possibilities overseas. During this explorative phase, they did not only stumble upon fascinating... Continue Reading →

Dutch traditions: Sinterklaas

Maybe you’ve already been wondering why all the strange candy such as ‘chocolate letters’ and ‘kruidnoten’ are sold in the stores since a few weeks. Well, that’s all part of the preparation for the typical Dutch tradition on December 5th called Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas and his so called ‘Zwarte Pieten’ will arrive Sunday November 16th. The video above gives you a... Continue Reading →

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